Paro, Bhutan — July 14, 2015

Photos to follow.

Thick clouds blanketed our crossing of the Himalayas, so it wasn’t until our plane gently swooped into position for the landing that a panorama of lush green and misty wisps of cloud took my breath away. Houses sit amidst terraced gardens of rice and vegetables. All is quiet but for the drizzle of rain on shallow puddles.

Bhutan at last — towering forested slopes in the clouds.

Helga, Jude and I trundle off to a guesthouse on the Royal University of Bhutan — Paro campus. A window opens to the rushing river. We go off in search of dinner and find red rice, chilies, and a cilantro chicken.

In the middle of the main street, a group of about 8 cows had decided to bed down for the night oblivious to the cars navigating around them. I am so tired after 3 days of travel, I am tempted to join them.


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